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Hard Money

bridge loanEdward Voccola & Co. LLC is a trusted hard money lender and advisor that has provided investors with quick access to short and immediate-term commercial, investment real estate, and construction loans for over 15 years.

In today’s financial environment where quick execution & results are paramount, traditional banks are unable to provide financing in time due to recent governmental regulation (i.e. Dodd Frank Act). A private lending hard money loan can be the right solution. With a hard money loan, you get the funding you need when you need it “now.” So if you require cash in a hurry, the loan specialists at Edward Voccola & Co. LLC have you covered.

We offer commercial, real estate, or construction project financing that traditional lenders cannot match.

  • Prompt service, knowledge, results
  • Speed and certainty – 5 day closings
  • Lower interest rates and costs
  • Flexible terms and strictly asset based lending – no red tape
  • Substantial leverage, capabilities, and collaboration
  • Great take out loans available
  • Joint venture financing and direct investment into your business venture available

Private Funding When You Need It

At Edward Voccola & Co., LLC, we’re your source for hard money loans. We offer the private funding options you need to acquire your commercial, investment property, or construction project because we work differently than a bank, we’re able to offer a quick, hassle-free closing.

Call us today to learn more about our hard money loans and find out whether private funding is the right option for you.


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