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About us and How we approach each client

Profile PictureLooking to invest in commercial real estate? Whether you’re interesting in buying, refinancing or constructing a multi-family, building, office complex, mall or another type of commercial space, you need to secure the right financing in order to make it happen. And that’s where we come in . At Edward Voccola & Co. , LLC, we offer the most favorable rates available. We want the experience of the borrower to be easy and hassle – free. Our firm is committed to excellence; and we work hard not just to meet, but exceed our customers’ expectation. At Edward Voccola & Co., LLC , we specialize in connecting businesses with the capital they need to be profitable and grow. Over the years ,we have refined our financing process to assure optimal terms, minimal friction and certainty of execution. Below we have summarized our approach as follows:

1. Qualify the Transaction: First, we pre-qualify the borrower and the property, aggressively testing assumptions and capabilities to gauge risks and set expectations

2. Define Financing Objectives: Identify client needs and financing alternatives. Establish acceptable parameters such as structure, target financial amounts and other terms such as pricing, prepayments, timing, recourse, covenants, etc.

3. Analyze the Asset: Gather relevant data on he subject property and conduct financial analysis such as debt service coverage and global coverage

4. Conduct Market Research: Validate and update our knowledge on the market including conducting physical tour , gathering market diligence, and reviewing the provided project information, gathering market diligence, and reviewing the provided project information

5. Create Investment Summary: Evaluate the transaction to pinpoint loan economics and lenders risk mitigation strategies

6. Define Marketing Strategy: Review capital sources to identify the best candidates to do this loan. Match underwriting and borrower objectives with appropriate financing programs

7. Present Alternatives: Summarize and catalogue alternatives that satisfy the client’s financing objectives. Critique and recommend to Client

8. Establish a Safety Net for Unforeseen Circumstances: Maintain a ready standby list of financing sources in the unlikely event unforeseen circumstances obstruct timely closing

9. Process the Financing i.e. Negotiate terms, Coordinate the Due diligence Process. Interface with the closing attorney to assure a smooth closing

10. Post-closing: Continue to help our client at no charge after the closing. Every year, the financial institution may require annual reports and we could review the reports at no charge as your agent when dealing with the financial institution

About Edward Voccola, LLM

Mr. Voccola has been involved in Real Estate for over 25 years starting with the family business. He is a highly skilled and recommended commercial loan broker. He has worked as a Vice President and a Managing Director at State Street and worked as a Senior Manager at Price Waterhouse. He holds two law degrees, JD & LLM , and has an MBA. He lives in Boston, MA.

He is committed to help our current clients grow their real estate holdings as though they were his and to help new clients get started. It is very important for him to work as hard as he can to keep growing available options for clients including the best grade “A” plus lenders for his client.

Bio of Edward Voccola, LLM


Edward Voccola & Co., LLC
Managing Partner
May 2000-Present

Commercial and residential placement of all types of loans for acquisition, refinance, construction, rehab, bridge, and opportunistic solutions.

Managing Director & Vice President
State Street
March 1994- April 2000

Managing Director in the State Street Global Advisors division dealing with the financial issues facing business owners and their wealth.

Senior Manager
January 1984-March 1994

Acquisition expert, family and wealth transfer


Commercial Real Estate, Investment Properties, Construction Lending, Rehabs, Flips, Bridge Financing and Multi-Family Investment properties


Boston University School of Law
Master of Laws (LLM), Taxation


Suffolk Law School
Doctor of Law (JD), Law


Temple University – Fox School of Business and Management
Master of Business administration (MBA), Business Administration and Management, General


University of Maryland College Park
Bachelor of Science (BS), Business/Managerial Economics


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  • New York
  • Chicago
  • Los Angeles
  • San Francisco
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  • Dallas
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  • Atlanta
  • Metro Washington D.C.
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  • Phoenix
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